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It's difficult to start and talk about dads after reading posts from others.

I've read @leifasaur's story about his dad and how he is now following his own path and @mineopoly's funny, entertaining, and sad one.

I know I won't be able to tell mine the well as they did, so let me share my story as the words come.

I lost my dad last May of this year. I still remember vividly how the news came. He died at around 4AM. He was in our home in the Philippines, while I and my wife were here in Japan. Due to the situation of COVID, we decided not go come home for his burial.

Same with @mineopoly, I saw faults in my father. But all of those were meaningless when I lost him. My love for him surpassed those faults, but unfortunately I only realized it when I lost him.

He loved the Beatles and as my sister delivered it during his wake, it was the reason that we were more of a Beatles fan than an Elvis. My daughter even created a short clip of him using the Beatle's Yesterday.

So many memories of him are still with me. And I'm forever thankful to God that we were taught to forgive continuously.

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Thanks for sharing @eastmael,

Growing up was not easy for any of us here but it's always good to hear another person in the world has a similar story.

You don't really know what you have until it is gone. Life is tough moment by moment and some of them are harder than others.

My dad is still alive and I think he will be around for a long time but I have no idea. We really need to visit him.

I must confess that this contest has managed to move my internal energy more than I thought, all the publications have had a lot of emotional charges and this my dear friend @eastmael has touched my heart because I was unaware that you had lost your dad so recently and I hope to be able to send you a big hug from a distance.

I want you to know that I greatly appreciate your opening your heart and sharing your story for this contest.

I am sure that human beings can get the best out of life learning, which will allow you to be a better man and a better father.

Every word I have written makes my heart jump and it has happened to me with all the publications. Now I need to think about how beautiful it is to cultivate beautiful friendships to send you and everyone positive energy of beautiful color, full of faith and hope.

By the way, the -Beatles are also one of my favorite groups.
Good vibes.

Being a father is a topic close to my heart so it was difficult for me not to share what's inside.

Thanks for sharing and reading my post. I know sunday will not be easy for you and your family but a time to come together even with the distance and share memories of your father. Take care and good luck tomorrow.

I am so sorry for the recent loss of your father and that because of the Covid you were not able to say goodbye. We all have faults and unfortunately we tend to appreciate people more when they are gone, still the good memories and teachings remain. Thank you for sharing your story.

Thank you. Yes, I'm very grateful our late preacher, bro. Eli Soriano of MCGI reminded and taught us to love our parents. He reminded us that no matter what wrong we see in them, the fact that we are here is proof of the priceless sacrifices they made in order to rear us.

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Thank you.

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