Check Your Cosmos Drop Attestation Status

in cosmos •  14 days ago  (edited)

Some people have been asking for a way to check the status of their Blurt Cosmos airdrop attestation (try saying that ten times in a row fast).

I have built a website where you can check your status.

Just go to and enter your Blurt username in the text box and click "submit".

Blurt Cosmos Drop Submit

It will tell you what Cosmos address is registered to your Blurt account and the date you sent your transfer.

Blurt Cosmos Drop Attestation Status

If you made a mistake or you have changed your mind about which Cosmos address you want to use for future Cosmos airdrops on Blurt users, you can send another transfer with the correct Cosmos address and it will be updated in the database. You can then use the website to verify that the correct address is registered.

If you're using a small mobile device, you might have to rotate it sideways in order to view the site. I might try to fix it in the future or maybe get someone who is good with Bootstrap and CSS to fix it for me.

That's all for this one.

Until next time, I hope you all have a great one!

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