Revuto - First Dapp on Cardano - Free 10 REVU Tokens

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One thing I like in crypto is the benefit of referring. It's when you signup and both the referrer and referee get something in return.

I signed up through @rycharde's post and since it's free crypto, why not?

The reasons I'm sharing this are:

  1. It's free crypto
  2. It's built on Cardano (ADA) - ranked #7 in CMC
  3. I believe in the advantage of being an early adopter

About Revuto

Control your subscriptions with the first dApp on Cardano and leverage recurring payments with REVU tokens and DeFi services.

REVU tokens are not yet on sale, but if you see potential in the project, you can grab free 10 REVU tokens by signing up, then even more REVU tokens for shilling them to your "online friends".

REVU trading starts 18th May.

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Why am I such a sucker for the word "free"?

You're not alone. I'm really not a fan of referrals, but the trust factor I have on Richard is there so it was a no-brainer for me to signup.

Ah, glad I saw this - me too! I should shill more!
Many... many years ago I had a huge ref empire - before cryptos - and that started off at the trust level, coz I was producing honest stats for ppl.

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