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The good about this platform

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These two paragraphs gave me insights on what it means to be trustless. I've encountered the word in my workplace but I haven't really grasped what it means. I didn't bother Googling because I'm sure the result I'll get will contain too much jargon that I won't understand on first reading.

Your explanation in these two paragraphs triggered connections in my brain. Eureka for me :)

In this platform, we can be doxxed by choice or we can also maintain anonymity the way we prefer it to be. There are no rules that say you have to give the platform your address or show a valid ID before you can post any of your content.

We can all be anonymous and we can still trust one another on this platform. It's basically a trustless environment. We are what we do on this platform. What we do here is our identity and the only identification that we have is either you are a good actor or a bad one. That's how you will be identified on this platform.

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Few understand the incredible benefit of this platform. Soon, people will realize what they are missing out on.

Decentralized social media is the future!

Thanks for the feedback :)