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Vegetables are very healthy and highly recommended for both young and old to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Waterleaf is one of the vegetables that is consumed by humans. It is also called Ẹ̀fọ́ Gure in Yorùbá language. It's a popular specie of vegetables in Nigeria, probably because it's always available all year round irrespective of the season, farmers and consumers know the lots of health benefits that it provides.


As it is obvious from its name, waterleaf contains a lot of water components. Most times, when it's been prepared for soup, little or no water is added because it will release water on its own. The liquid/water inside the leaf is sticky in nature as a result of pectin that can be found in it.


Waterleaf has a lot of benefits to the human body and it includes providing Vitamin A for the body to improve sight (eye), skin, and hair. Also, it also contains Vitamin C which is an antioxidant to protect and maintain a healthy immune system. It also provides the body with iron, calcium and so on.

When prepared as soup its very delicious and could be used to eat rice, pounded yam, eba, semovita etc.

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Williams Oluseyi is a Linguist by discipline from one Africa's Most Prestigious Citadel of Learning, Obafemi Awolowo University. He developed interest for blogging at very early stage which motivated him to study English Language in College. He is a prolific writer, an inquisitive and judicious reader, to say the least. To get his daily bread, he is currently working in a Logistics company in Nigeria.
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