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Der Beitrag ist bei mir leider komplett vorbei gerollt.

Vielen lieben Dank für die Netten Worte. Es freut mich, dass ich meinen Beitrag hier in der Community leisten kann. Das ganze Projekt rund um den RasPi hat bei mir lang eingeschlafene Geister erweckt, die ich schon vermisst habe. Ich habe endlich wieder eine Sinnvolle Aufgabe und kann mich in eine neue Materie einarbeiten.

Ich hoffe, dass ich alles so hinbekomme wie ich vorhabe, dann kann ich die Anleitung für den Pi noch mal bearbeiten. Der Punkt mit den RasPi 3 stimmt ja leider auch nicht.

Danke dass du es trotzdem gemerkt hast. Wenn ich helfen kann, sage mir, was ich tun soll! Vielleicht erreichen wir zusammen ein neuesn noch höheres Level.

Werde bescheid geben, wenn ich Hilfe brauche. Bisher muss ich noch auf den Abschluss der Synchronisation warten. :) 70 Stunden ziehen sich ganz schön. :D

Ah! Du hast sie schon!

Den zweiten Pi meinst?
Jo, den hab ich mir schon schicken lassen. Es muss ja voran gehen. :)

Dear @afrog!
This is a wonderful feature post of yours for the Blurt Community. I bet a lot of readers will eventually know these users more. I know @offgridlife (offgrid) since a couple of years now before Hive and Blurt came into being , he is a funny guy also doing lovely paintings and more often with his dog on that Canadian lake. He can be a good Marketing man owing to the fact that he promotes all the platforms well with keen interest so new users would join the platform he is into.

@dotwin1981 is a good chap, I know how he took the time to explain to me how the Raspi components are assembled and what parts to get, if in case I should get one. I appreciate very well his contribution to Blurt. @nerdtopiade is also a nice fellow, his manners are similar to that of my younger bro. Smart and very intelligent.

I hope you continue to feature more users whose contents are worth reading. Thanks for sharing them to us!

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Thank you for reading and commenting, dear @mers. As I do lots of other things in real life on a normal day, my knowledge of the Blurt's people and gems is not very wide spreaded. So I first have to have a watch, and after, maybe, i am able to write about some people.

If some of my lovely readers would ask me: Hey ol' frog, come on, write about this three gems I introduce to you, then dear mers you will get a real report about, down from the The Stage of the Institute of Chainology. I will create it for you, if you tell me three of your real gems.

Gems are original creators of intelligent postings, you never want to miss one after publishing.

Do ya have Gems? Who are your personal favorits and why are they? Tell it to The Stage! We show your gems right on The Stage.

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Dear @afrog,

Thanks for your comment. Oh yes, I will try to recommend a few. I have not been here for a while, I needed to take a break to get things done around our new home, in crypto trading as well as settle a few family matters in the Philippines.

Ok, I will try to make some recommendations to you, just give me time and I will suggest one or two so that you can check them out yourself.

Wishing you a good start of the week ahead!


I can't stop weekending, @mers.… no way out…

Danke für die Blumen! as we would say back home. Even though me never met in person, your words mean quite something for me. I am always glad to see that some of my articles find some worthy readers, and I am also having a lot of fun creating my travel photo stories. especially in those days, when most of us are limited to their own house or apartment, I truly enjoy travelling back on memory lane. Writing then some post also helps me to refresh my own memories.

Good to have your here, and I just voted for you as a witness!

Hi @afrog and @maxinpower!
I always thought from the very beginning that you @maxinpower is a "she" until someone told me that you are 100% a "he". Lol, sorry for that! I remember your Wednesday Drawing Challenge where I featured some of my drawings ! I miss that since I couldn´t go on doing more drawings because I had been very busy the last couple of months. I love your photography, too! They depict the good life in Japan.

I love Japan, though I haven´t been there yet, it is just a few hours from Manila... oh well, maybe I might visit my relatives there someday.

Good evening,

we should be in almost the same time zone. And no worries, my name might be confusing but when I joined a while ago I couldn't exactly choose the name I wanted, so I compromised but probably failed ;)

Thanks for the cheer up, I hope around you everything is alright and you will have a great weekend. And as you have relatives in Japan you have a good reason to come over here some day!

Oh! I live in Vienna since almost four decades now. I visit my family in Manila once in a while (every 2 years or so). I am ok here in the EU. But someday I will go to Japan and see Cherry Blossoms! Cheers!

Thank you for reading, commenting and the vote, @maxinpower. Keep on truckin'!

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Thanks for that fat trace of art, @offgridlife!

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Trace ?

I agree with this selection of celebrities, I have read them, and although I do not know them in person because of what they invest in Blurt and the passion for how they do it speaks highly of them.
Congratulations on this wonderful selection, as we would say in my country "here is pure tenderloin" that is to say one of the best meats of the beef lol, it's just a joke.
I will not eat them, I respect and honor your team, and for you my dear @afrog I send you a big hug and I congratulate you for keeping you happy jumping.
Today I did not bring cookies, but if a delicious fruit is a pineapple, I do not know if you know it is one of my favorites and it is like an explosion of flavor on the palate.
Good vibes.