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The perseverance and dedication of women who are an example to follow is admirable. It is motivating to know that many are determined to take us on the path of blurt so that we can enjoy in the short, medium and even long term to get profits from this platform. Thank you very much, let's keep working in time and out of time @afrog.

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

People bring it forward. Together with fun, @lisfabian. Thank you for reading and the comment.

Wow, mención honorífica para mí. Gracias @afrog. Es un placer y me siento muy emocionada por el honor.

Fue un placer y un honor para mí también. I saw you laughing. Eso me complació.

Oh so cute, thanks for mentioning me here friend, I like the words you use to describe me, thank you very much, I send you a big hug :)

Sin un abrazo, el Blurt solo sería la mitad de hermoso.

Sin @afrog hablando Español tampoco. :-)

Hola @jaki01 Bienvenido lol

No yo, sino mi amigo en Google Translator.

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Enhorabuena, su "post" ha sido "up-voted" por @dsc-r2cornell, que es la "cuenta curating" de la Comunidad de la Discordia de @R2cornell.

Thank you @r2cornell.

Ohlala! This weekend has been one of many emotions and the great movement of energy, I am immensely grateful for so much affection and expressions of affection, I receive everything with great humility.

I am a mysterious woman, you are right I do not usually share many personal things, but with #newvisionlife I have changed some things, I also share love and good energy as a way to let wonderful things flow on Blurt.

I am honored to be in your selection of #blurtladies that connect me to your ideas because this label seems very pertinent to me, it seems that you have read my mind.

Now I leave you some delicious delicious chocolates that they make in my country, with Venezuelan cocoa. Chocolate increases energy and is shared in special moments.

I send you blessings and good vibes

Great idea! Choco Cocoa Cookies! I'm full on speed, already. Thank you so much!