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what are we going to deposit?

I'm thinking this is tied to his last post I just read about sending him a small amount of Blurt with a cosmos address in the memo, then post here using the address in the body. And something about a 24 word seed to get the address.

I'm hopeful that when the Cosmos project is ready to start for all of us there is a more ignorant friendly explanation (perhaps even a step by step video) for the many like myself who are clueless on the word seed thing creating an address and how one makes a password for the address etc.

I think the only reason I even got into crypto (Steemit) was because they made it so easy (compared to normal crypto) to get in and already have a wallet and everything.

Hi Jacob, I have an unrelated question for you.

Using the Ecosynthesizer it has been displaying payouts wrong for me. I just collected rewards a few moments ago and I see it's off more than I had thought.

Here is an example.

practicalthought author reward: 29.706 BLURT 89.121 BP for: @practicalthought/qu75qy...

Yet the actual payout in my wallet is 97.497 BP. I still haven't redeemed it yet, so it is unclaimed in my wallet (I do this for my excel record keeping for taxes, only collecting at most once per day).

I understand that I haven't selected the 25/75 on anything I've authored, and thought the glitch was simply the interface pushing that formula on the Ecosynthesizer front end.

However, now I'm curious as to why the payout wouldn't have been 118.827 (29.706 +89.121) instead of the 97.497 Blurt waiting to be redeemed. The vest to Blurt differential isn't 17.95%, which is the difference between claimed payout and actual payout.

For what it's worth, I'm not super concerned over it, just seeking clarification on how one should understand the difference between reported to actual. I know there are still many problems with front ends (on mobile anyway) not displaying followed/followers and votes and comments/replies, so this could also be a side affect to all of that.

the extra 8 BP is a separate curation reward :-)

Thank you. It eluded me in the chain report among the witness votes I had been doing. I need to start using my reading ➿ next time. I keep forgetting (despite the many different reminders health wise) I'm not a young man anymore.

I just checked the blockchain explorer - was quite quick to see the small extra reward. np.
I need a monocle to read a phone! They also seem perfectly designed to ... be dropped on the floor.