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You may want to look at those transactions.

I made them. They IBC. IBC good., I wanna get linked up to cosmos, and there are various ways of accomplishing that.

One way is by mapping user addresses so that the Cosmos ecosystem can, uh, interact with you, like by leaving you tokens.

Check out Juno, its addresses are just cosmos addresses with the word cosmos chopped off:



that is because the hierarchical deterministic derivation path is the same. You apply the path to the seed, then you get addresses, in order. That is how the 24 word seeds do their magic.

Two ways you should do this, to ensure that the data is easy to collect:

  1. make a post with the subject ibc in the body of the post should be ONLY a cosmos address.

  2. send me (jacobgadikian) some miniscule amount of blurt. 0.001 is fine. In the memo field, please include ONLY your cosmos address.

Demo post next.

Thank you.

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Allright just send u 1 Blurt :)

Make a post with subject ibc here on Blurt ?

Test ... cosmos1awkhzqd60h8wftjvjr9epu5erxh5hwwh4np5w3

What is cosmo? I'm new to blurt

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