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Greetings from Venezuela.

Saludos desde Venezuela,

This is the first time that I publish in #instablurt, I am not a lover of selfies, but this time I share with you a very natural photo in which I was going to drink my chamomile tea, after having had a strong discomfort for 2 days And a half, in the week that ended, thank God I felt better there.

Esta es la primera vez que publico en #instablurt, no soy amante de las selfies, pero en esta oportunidad comparto con ustedes una foto muy natural en la que iba a tomarme mi té de manzanilla, después de haber tenido un fuerte malestar durante 2 días y medio, en la semana que culminó, allí gracias a Dios ya me sentía mejor.


Esta foto fue tomada con mi teléfono Xiaomi Redmi 9

This photo was taken with my Cell phone Xiaomi Redmi 9

Those who follow me since blurt was created, know that my posts are usually longer, but today I wanted to do something different, just to say hello to everyone and introduce myself in this label that is increasing every day ... As well as blurt :)

Los que me siguen desde que se creó blurt, saben que mis publicaciones suelen ser más largas, pero hoy quise hacer algo diferente, solo para saludarlos a todos y presentarme en esta etiqueta que cada día va en aumento... Así como blurt :)

I wish you all a happy weekend and good health :)

Deseo para ustedes un feliz fin de semana y que todos gocen de buena salud :)

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Hi @blessed-girl, thank you for sharing on Blurt, I too enjoy tea every morning, I drink Earl Gray tea, I learnt about it because Captain Picard of Startrek drinks it. So I guess when I drink it I feel like a captain of a starship. Your daughter is amazing and very talented, I am pleased she is posting on Blurt too.

It is an honor to receive the Blurt Captain's visit. The tea helped me a lot to feel better :)
Thank you for welcoming my daughter, she is excited to post more.

It is my pleasure and my honour, you and your family are welcome here.

Nice to see you, take care of you and stay safe....

nice to meet you :) Thanks for coming.

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I'm glad you are feeling better. Please be safe, and I thank you for using the insta tag in a wholesome manner, as well as letting us have a peek into how things are going for you.

Thank :)

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Wonderful. This is how it’s done. A real person. Beautiful. Such an important part of Blurt. So good to see you.

Thank you very much.

Happy Day :)