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My Dear Friends,

This is @sumon01 from 🇧🇩Bangladesh

Hope everybody is doing well.

I have appeared before you again with ten pictures of my city. Hope you all like it.

My Town In Ten Pics Parbutipur

Picture :1


Here a man is passing by on a motorbike and a group of women are going to their destination in a van. I took this picture when I was walking down the street to my aunt's house yesterday.


Picture :2



This is a picture inside the Parbatipur bus terminal. Where the buses are parked. That is, the buses come and stop here after their journey and after resting for a while they go back to their destination. From this terminal the buses go to Rangpur and Dinajpur.

Picture :3



The picture shows a woman coming down from a shop. The woman is a beggar. She walks around the shop begging. I took this picture from Kholahati.

Picture :4



The man shown here is carrying sacks of rice on his head to their godown. When I went to sell paddy with my uncle, the man bought the paddy from my uncle and took it to their godown. This paddy godown is a little far from Parbatipur.

Picture :5



This is the gate of a bakery. The name of this bakery is Taj Bakery. The owner of this bakery is Hafizur Rahman Pramanik. He is a very rich man. But this bakery is closed now. This bakery has been moved to another place.

Picture :6



This is a picture of a pond. There are many beautiful trees around the pond. I took this picture when I was going to Parbatipur from my house. This pond is a little far from Parbatipur.

Picture :7



This is the boundary line of Parbatipur municipality. This line signifies the municipality.
It is understood how much of this area is bounded by this municipality. I took this picture when I was going to Parbatipur.

Picture :8



The picture shows some fruit shops which are near Parbatipur Shaheed Minar. It is the only fruit shop in Parbatipur. Where all kinds of fruits are available. Besides, there is no other fruit shop. This picture I took at night.

Picture :9



This is the view inside the junction of Parbatipur railway station. From here people cross quickly and reach their destination. It is a junction of four lines. From this station almost all places can be reached.

Picture :10



Picture We can see it is a small building. It is an office room of Parbatipur railway station. Here the railway employees come and they do their work. I took this picture when I went to blog for Steam Bangladesh.

Thanks to everyone who read my post patiently. And many thanks to my two favorite people @double-u & @elkezaksek who helped me a lot with this Blurt Blog.

Thank You Everybody

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