The meaning of imaginative belief

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Man's imaginative subconscious mind is under the control of his conscious or rational mind. It is also very sensitive to counseling, meaning that no matter what your rational beliefs are, if you believe in them actively or passively, your subconscious mind will be controlled by that counsel and your desires will be fulfilled. Imaginary beliefs are required for mental healing. The way to achieve this is to eliminate the active opposition of the realist or conscious mind. Because the best way to treat the body effectively is to be conscious and subconscious — both minds will be in a state of full acceptance of faith - but it is not always necessary for you to relax your mind and body and go to sleep. Can and can enter a state of inactivity. In this state of drowsiness your inactivity becomes receptive to imaginative impressions.

Someone once asked me how it was possible for the pastor to correct me. When that pastor told me that there is no such thing as disease and that it does not exist, I did not believe a word of it. It seemed to me that he had insulted my intellect, but in spite of that I was right. How can this be possible? The explanation is very simple - because the man calmed down at the pastor's punitive words. The pastor then advised her not to say anything or to go into a state of complete inactivity for some time. The pastor also became inactive. He continued to say for half an hour, calmly, slowly and firmly, that the person who attains complete health, peace, harmony and fullness.

Half an hour later the man felt very relieved and he recovered once again. Her imaginative beliefs were exposed due to her inactivity during the treatment, and the complete health advice provided by the pastor reached her subconscious mind. The imaginative minds of the two of them were in mutual harmony. If that person had expressed his or her own concerns about the physician's strength and decision-making at the time, it would have acted as an antithesis. In that case, the pastor's advice would have had little effect or might have failed miserably. The subconscious mind of the sick person became receptive to the advice of the pastor as the opposition of the conscious mind was minimal in the state of drowsiness, inactivity. He acted on all those suggestions and was cured of his disease.

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