Part Of The Truth

in poetry •  11 days ago 
Cross over the other side of reality and see through the mirror of the river flowing in the valley of knowledge, try to get back to the top of success with pure gentleman manners. Every word has a place in the empty sides of the future, you are the master of your karma in relations with the laws.


We make cakes of destiny with the tastes of life goals, you are watching me from the emotional side of the truth while I do my joint work. We move to a higher level of intelligence in every movement of virtual reality, we cast ourselves at kisses on the winds of passion in the open love zone.

Look at the parts of reality through the eyes of family and friends, we are not perfect in the world of fun madness. Feel my thoughts on the hands of your gentle touch, move the fence of illusion from our paths of happiness and awesome joy.

The main ambitions open the paths of love romance in the night sun of light challenges, the chemistry of spiritual components shows signs of a healthy life. You are famous in the world of virtual imagination, you show the virtues of success at the podium for the wise movements of artistic logic.


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