RE: Are you #blurtian a Morning Owl or Midnight Owl?

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Are you #blurtian a Morning Owl or Midnight Owl?

in r2cornell •  2 months ago 

OK, my apologies, no offence intended.

And... precisely... those people in cities where 5G was installed exactly when people were in lockdown is yet more proof-of-evil. Glad you picked up on that last line ;-)

There is a prophetic quote from Tesla about this. He knew 100 years ago.

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:)) I didn't said it was with ofense from you :))) @accelerator

Happy to find you inside #blurt #blockchain

Regards and have a wonderful week.

Hope to see you around more often.


Meanwhile, if you like listening some music, here is my latest EP released recently along with my fellow artist @strangersouma

Thanks, yes, I like track 2 of 3 :-)