Are you #blurtian a Morning Owl or Midnight Owl?

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Are you a Morning Owl or Night Owl? Brilliant question for everyone, maybe :-)

We know, that, as living organisms, we are governed by our internal biological clock, known as the circadian rhythm. As the Earth rotates every 24 hours, the circadian rhythm clock aligns with the cycle of day and night, this system, being familiar, already, to every person on this Earth, I guess :-)

In a new study, sustained by great scientists, was revealed that this process has a strong connection with the mental and body health of humans.

There’s a larger part of studies on the genome dedicated to body clocks than previously realized by the scientists, and those genes are linked to others, and this is related to new path to determine a person’s overall state of well-being, no matter if it's related strictly to the mind state or body state of that person.

Scientists did some researches and explained that being a morning owl or an evening one, is just a behavioral consequence of a person’s underlying the so called, circadian rhythm, which is shaped by their gene’s from their bodies and maybe, as well the gene’s inherited from their ancestral chain of relatives. Some genes can even shift a person’s natural waking time in the morning or night by up to 25 minutes.

In the study, the scientists investigated whether these chronotype genes were associated or not with any genes related to the mental health. They've found that people who tend to wake up every morning, much earlier, are more likely in the box of the happy ones, to experience a greater sense of well-being, filled with good vibrations and a lower risk of schizophrenia and depression.

Maybe these genes may have a very significant effect on the ability of our circadian rhythm clock to keep time effectively, for every person, and also, having the capacity of altering risks, of both, the body disease and the mental health disorders, as well.

It is remarcable, how our mind and body functions. Starting in the Morning, at 7:30 with our melatonin reseting into the passive mode, and at 8:30, our bowel movement, than at 9:00 having the highest presence of testosterone secretion, it brings us to 10:00 at the highest alertness of the body.

At noon, at 12:00, maybe we start to prepare for the highest and best coordination of our bodies, that will be sustained until 15:30 when our body has the fastest reaction time.

Around 17:30 we sense in our bodies the best cardiovascular efficiency and muscle strength.

Starting with 18:00 we will sense the presence of the highest blood pressure and the highest temperature in our bodies and by the time when 21:00 will make its presence, the melatonin will be around again  at 22:30 the bowel movements are suppressed and after midnight we are in the deepest sleep at 2:00, after that, at 4:30 we experience the lowest temperature in our bodies, at 6:45 the sharpest rise in blood pressure … and after that, guess what?

We are back where we've started :-)

Interesting, right?

Still, some of us are experiencing these changes, in being, much easier a night owl, rather than a morning owl … I guess, the best way is to be able to switch and make it everytime to be suitable to your Eternal Inner Clock, depending on your moment in Time :-)

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Regards #blurtians, cryptonians from #blurt Matrix ...

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The expression is Morning Lark or Midnight Owl :-)

There is another chrono-system linked to the Earth's Schumann resonant frequencies entraining our own brain frequencies. As it gets dark, the air temp drops, changing the frequencies on the dark side of the world. This system can also be hijacked by artificial signals ;-)

Thanks for stepping by @accelerator

I didn't mean to use that expression " Morning Lark or Midnight Owl " but thanks for pointing out this ...

Also, good infos you wrote.

I know about Schumann resonance frequencies ...

The fact that you wrote on the last phrase about artificial signals, sounds true, but at this moment in time, maybe everyone it's focused, or maybe better to say "lost" in some plandemic details ...

Have a cool day.

OK, my apologies, no offence intended.

And... precisely... those people in cities where 5G was installed exactly when people were in lockdown is yet more proof-of-evil. Glad you picked up on that last line ;-)

There is a prophetic quote from Tesla about this. He knew 100 years ago.

:)) I didn't said it was with ofense from you :))) @accelerator

Happy to find you inside #blurt #blockchain

Regards and have a wonderful week.

Hope to see you around more often.


Meanwhile, if you like listening some music, here is my latest EP released recently along with my fellow artist @strangersouma

Thanks, yes, I like track 2 of 3 :-)