Curd casserole with raisins

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 Many of us remember the curd casserole with raisins, generously poured with sour cream or condensed milk, from childhood: this dish was often served for breakfast in the garden. And everyone or almost everyone loved the casserole! In any case, she aroused more sympathy than dull porridge. The children, that is, we, have grown up, but the love for the curd casserole remains. Fortunately, today we can find delicious high-quality cottage cheese for its preparation, from which the dish turns out to be unusually tender and fluffy. Therefore, it is a sin not to take advantage of the situation and not to pamper loved ones with curd casserole with raisins, the aroma of which brings back the warmest memories of the time when the trees were large and life seemed cloudless.

raisins - 80 g
cottage cheese 9% fat - 750 g
butter - 100 g + a little more to grease the mold
eggs - 3 pcs.
sugar - 150 g
salt - on the tip of a knife
milk - 100 ml
semolina 150 g + 30 g for preparing the mold

Step 1
Prepare the raisins for the curd casserole. Wash it and place it in a bowl. Cover with very hot water and let sit for 10 minutes. Then fold on a sieve, transfer to a paper towel and let dry.

Step 2
Rub the curd through a fine sieve over a large bowl. Cut the butter into small cubes and leave at room temperature for 25-30 minutes.

Step 3
Beat eggs with sugar and salt separately with a mixer until a fluffy mass is obtained with a uniform consistency. Add to the curd and beat together again with a mixer.

Step 4
Pour in milk and stir. Add soft butter and beat with a mixer on medium speed. Add the semolina and stir to keep the casserole free of lumps.

Step 5
Add raisins to the casserole. Stir. Leave at room temperature for 10 minutes to swell a little in the curd mass for the casserole.

Step 6
Brush a round baking dish with a diameter of 20 cm or a square dish with a side of 20 cm with the remaining oil and sprinkle with 30 g of semolina. Shake the mold gently, tilting it in different directions so that the semolina is evenly distributed. Shake off the excess.

Step 7
Put the previously prepared curd mass into the prepared form. Smooth the surface. Bake for about 45 minutes at 190 ° C until golden brown.

Step 8
Allow the finished curd casserole with raisins to cool slightly, then cut into portions. You can serve it on the table with thick sour cream, condensed milk or your favorite jam.


    Some people add a little flour to the curd casserole with raisins, believing that only with semolina the dish will turn out to be too "liquid". Rest assured that it will do its job perfectly and will give the right density, while maintaining a delicate texture.

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