Using the Grand Solar Minimum to facilitate the Reset Cycle & eliminate unwanted history (part 1)

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Everyone knows the old adage "history is written by the victors" but few of us really understand the extent to which this is true. Who are these victors? How long have they been writing our history? What is the history they are hiding from us and for what purpose do they hide it? There are many questions here worthy of exploration but now that the Grand Solar Minimum is upon us (that's the weird weather you've been experiencing) you are running out of time to connect the dots around what is currently happening and the best way you can prepare.

The World Economic Forum are openly pitching The Great Reset now that international safety measures have been put in place around a virus which is statistically no more likely to kill you than the flu and while your media tell you the clamp-down on control relates to this virus, I propose that it is in fact the Grand Solar Minimum cycle which is the driving force behind the WEF's new mission because historically it provides the perfect opportunity for a reset.

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"The pandemic represents a rare but narrow opportunity to reflect, reimagine and reset our world." Klaus Schwab - World Economic Forum

If you can see we are not in a pandemic (clearly indicated by the CDC's own data) then perhaps you can also see that Schwab must surely be referring to something else which is offering this rare opportunity?

In this 3 part article I am going to address two questions which come up from his statement:

  • What does a reset mean?
  • How rare is this "opportunity"?

I will extend the second question out with an examination of the previous two resets, which happened during the Maunder Minimum (peaking in 1675) and the Dalton Minimum (peaking in 1815).


The Reset of the 2020s (during the Eddy Minimum)

If we scan through remaining historical records we can see that a reset doesn't always mean the same thing, but generally speaking it is a clamp-down on control and a re-structuring of the way in which society works.

Humans are much less required today than they used to be thanks to technology, so this reset is a total conversion to the digital world with the implementation of a monitoring system which will be all encompassing, capable of observing every aspect of human existence. Paper money will become a thing of the past, replaced by cryptography & blockchain. Nanotech & 5G will become an integral part of the system, while A.I. will monitor everything. Even the Earth's resources will become digitised and tracked down to the very last grain of rice in order that a top down system can monitor the movement of resources and ultimately control it. Transhumanism will become the norm and the line between human & machine will become blurry.

Smart cities will look after us while agriculture will be transformed to more manageable centralised indoor systems (robot run vertical farms & 3D printed food) and huge areas of land on every continent will be cordoned off from humans, all in the name of helping Planet Earth.

Fig. 1 - Les composantes de la Smart City.png

It might be easy for you to stand back from all of this and hail it as the solution to climate change, the last scary drama they forced on us through the media. However, when examined in detail it becomes clear that climate change is cyclical and what we are looking at here is a dystopian vision of a one world government taking total control.

Grand Solar Minimums are the driving force behind the cyclical nature of our climate and they always bring hard times for humans because we can't grow our food as we once did. Historically we know that the lack of food usually leads to governments getting overthrown, so once you understand how it is that we are moving now into a period which will see extreme hardships for traditional agriculture & farming you will also understand why it is currently being replaced by indoor systems which will always remain centralised and always produce food (or something which resembles it) no matter how extreme the weather becomes. Eating this kind of food will make us sick over time, generating some great revenue for the medical & pharmaceutical industry while keeping us from rebelling.

There is much more I could tell you about this reset but I am keen to jump to the next subject. If you are looking for a more detailed explanation, veteran researcher James Corbett has a decent breakdown on YouTube where the fact-checkers have been unable to find reason to remove it. He also posts here on hive @corbettreport

Grand Solar Minimums

In order to implement profound world-wide changes without opposition, times of great difficulty are required and the cyclical nature of our climate provides exactly this opportunity. A Grand Solar Minimum represents a period of multiple decades and brings with it many weather related difficulties, the most notable of which is shorter summers hampered by unseasonal extremes. What this means is that humans are unable to cultivate crops in the manner to which they are accustomed and without enough food to go around, populations decline while famine, disease & civil unrest become the norm. In areas where winter is of less concern to the farmers an increase in volcanic and seismic activity can be expected. All of this chaos providing the perfect opportunity for our rulers to reset the world in any desired fashion.

What you can see beneath are sunspot numbers. They are relevant because the activity of the sun is connected with the activity of the earth. Not all that hard to fathom, yet this connection is barely recognised in the mainstream.


During a Grand Solar Minimum the sun effectively goes to sleep with no sunspots at all. The deeper the minimum, the more Earth's weather is affected and the more extreme societal changes can be.

Grand Solar Minimums are not included in the education system because the writers of history would like us to believe we are responsible for earth's changing climate in order that we might willingly pay for it with our tax money and ongoing loss of liberty.

So please permit me if you will, to expand now on your post-school education, out beyond the government approved syllabus with my summary of the last two world-wide resets and some ideas which have the potential to change the way you look at the world forever.


Parts 2 & 3 will include the following chapters:

- Maunder Minimum (peaking in 1675)

King Charles II, Great Fire of London, Great Plague of London, birth of paper money & loss of liberties worldwide.

- Dalton Minimum (peaking in 1815)

The re-writing of history, the year without a Summer (1816) & the Wikipedia problem

- Tartary: the forgotten empire

Only the greatest empire in the world whose achievements far outshine our own. Erased from history by those who prefer to keep us ignorant of our past.

- In what style did Tartary build their monuments?

Magnificent buildings, their ridiculous official narratives & lack of photographic evidence documenting their supposed construction in the 1800s.

- The Mud Flood

What does it mean & what is the evidence.

- Cyclical human development & Cyclical Cataclysms

The further back in time we go, the greater our construction achievements. How can this be? By fire or by water.

- The next GSM has begun - The Eddy Minimum

Even NASA acknowledge the drop off to zero sunspots over the next decade, but few people understand what this means. The evidence is overwhelming and the time to prepare is now.

- What can we do about it?

Tons of things!

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