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It's XLM actually.
I was wondering what's this new coin in the market!

Good eyes.

Just tried it, they added me to a waiting list. 🙄🙄🙄😭😭. Can't even get a referral link.

friend in India you will most probably remain in waiting list. That's what happening with for a long time now.

I have no idea. Good to know.


Some people probably got it before you did.

Use this link to receive a $10 COMP.

Limited rewards available.
Good luck.

Thanks... However, it's still the same response.

It could be coinbase. Try again later.

Speaking of coinbase, did you know that coinbase has a thing called a Rosetta API, which enables them to simply plug new chains into their system and list them?

And that chains with Rosanna API's implemented her prioritized in the coinbase listing process?

Did you know that the Cosmos SDK is getting a native level Rosetta API so that well what can I say Bling/B2 yeah it's going to have a Rosetta API

I know the coinbase rosetta api, but not cosmos sdk. It's getting better every day. Thank you for sharing.

In India it's not available , they always add to waiting list. I have been trying these for long times now.

I already added, I am on the waiting list, although I do not know if I have a chance to win something, but I did it anyway. Thanks for sharing that link.