SwapToken.com 2.0 sneak peek.

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From our very simple SwapToken.com v1.0 website to our latest upgrade using a content management system.

Version 1.0

Version 2.0

To support our business growth we added cool features highlighted below.

Recently, Hive-Engine transition block producing from centralized to decentralized. I am one of the early witness tester. So, in addition to our website update. As mentioned above, we are running our own version of Swap Token Exchange (https://exchange.swaptoken.com).

The HIVE to HIVEP deposit/withdrawal initial released with limits of 200 HIVE/HIVEP. The limit will goes away as we continue to increase fundings.

The https://SwapToken.com domain brand is a perfect name for this service.

Live Prices of crypto currencies is also added to the site.

We are not done, the development will continue till we add more tokens in our portfolio so you can easily swap tokens and add them to your wallet.

Thank you,

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Nice work @yehey!

First of all, a very big congratulations just for having the SwapToken domain name in these days of booming defi popularity! That's awesome!

I will definitely go check out the new upgraded site!

Thank you, and progress continue....

Great scoop on the domain name :-)
and u have both swaptoken.com and swap-token.com

Just to make sure I got the brand right for this service.

Excellent! great updates with a great variety of accepted tokens, Thank you for contributing with this tool

Thanks mate.

Awesome.... great work.

Cheers to you.

This is absolutely phenomenal! Even having the domain name to yourself is great. We need these features to make using cryptocurrency easier for new users. that will help us a lot in the alt season.

Thank you for stopping by.

I just visited the sites... great job creating these services. I will definitely use them :)

If I may mention, I feel that the placement of ads could be improved...


I feel that sides will appeal better than placing it at the top part.

Anyway, congrats on this awesome progress!!!