Blurt.Blog is up and running using it’s own server.

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The main blurt website is back up and running.

Tasks completed.

  • New web server
  • Removed external APIs
  • Optimized cloudflare settings e.g., always https, minified, etc.

Pending tasks.

  • Security. Security. Security
  • Build a separate server for Blurt.World website.
  • Review and fix dependencies.
  • Transition to and more testing
  • Build a lite version of the website using javascript, html and css to support IPFS decentralized hosting

Blurt front-end websites:

Development servers, for coding and feature testing. You can use it but remember this may go up and down while we test some features.

The code is open source
Using yehey.blurt-blog branch.

That’s all for now. Please let us know if you have any questions, discover bugs or security vulnerabilities.

Blurt on!
@Yehey | Follow me at Twitter @Yehey

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Images not working on ? Or problem with my internet ?

Not sure about I just tested uploading image.

Thank you 😊.

You're welcome.

Great Work

The Notifications don't work.

Sorry I missed this reply. Not in my task list but will check on it.