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This is actually really important info for common users on blurt.
I think it will be great if @megadrive pin this post so that everyone can know this info.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

We need to Tweet this out too...

Post on Noise.Cash , Steemit, Appics, Instagram, so people know they can always use Blurtter. Https://

The Noise.Cash Blurt Chamber Is growing very Fast.... earn Bitcoincash for posting Blurt updates :

I think so too.

Good idea. Let me jump to my account :)

Very Important Information .... Shared in the Blurt Group ( Chamber ) on Noise.Cash


Thank for the information. :)

thanks for the information always..

by the way i was trying to vote for witnesses but the page blurtwallet doesn't seem to work well with me

The wallet sites do not work well! I can only log in and when I tried to power up. It does not register the added Blurt.

It would be good to see some good games on Blurt, these are a good way to attract new users from outside, by sharing publications about it on other sites. It is a pity that I am not developing, if not, in the future I would try to mount a game on Blurt and I also take advantage of what many game owners reject, create a community with the same game that encourages publishing and sharing outside of Blurt, but He is still young, surely in the future it will be possible, when the conditions are met for someone with the capital and the desire to arrive.
And well, thanks for sharing the important links.