Testing Blurt Wallet website.

in yehey •  2 months ago 

The BLURT wallet website is soon to go live. Once the DNS propagation is updated, you will be able to access it to our official https://blurtwallet.com website.

I just re-build the blurt wallet website, temporarily hosted at https://wallet.blurtworld.com website.

Please TEST TEST TEST SECURITY and ACCESS. Login to https://wallet.blurtworld.com website.

Once all tests are completed, we will build 2-3 more backup blurt wallet websites to provide redundancy.

Let me know if you have any questions or bugs along the way.

Thank you,

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https://wallet.blurtworld.com/ is running smoothly for me at the moment, I have no problems but I'm staying on the ball

Thank you for the update.

Power up Test Error : I can’t Power up ... with Blurtwallet.com


I will take a look. Thank you for the feedback.

@offgridlife I tested Power UP, it is working.

Ok.... I will try again.

Yes .... working now. No problems. I must have had wrong key.

Just powered up 1,000 Blurt .... 🤬 🚀 🌙



Greetings friend. Thank you for your great work. I have tested and everything is fine on the site, I even collect the Blurt accumulated for the rewards.

Thank you for your feedback.

Hi! My wallet hasn't been working for more than a week,
but I hope that you will fix it!

What is not working?

It's working now! Thank you very much!

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

thank you